Leash Laws and Feces Removal Laws

Pets and their owners are a vibrant part of urban living. The City of Saint Louis division of Animal Care and Control encourages owners to foster a pet-friendly atmosphere by enjoying the City in a safe and considerate manner. The leash law is enforced for the safety of all of the City’s residents, people and pets alike. Pets must be leashed and securely held by a responsible person whenever they are off the owner’s property, except in the case of City-designated dog exercise parks. No dog or cat is permitted to be at large on any public street, park, or other public space, or on another person’s property.

Any person owning, keeping, or harboring a pet within the City is responsible for removing and disposing of any feces left by the pet whether on public or private property. The division of Animal Care and Control and your fellow residents appreciate you doing your part to keep our parks and streets clean and enjoyable for all.