Service Requests and Complaints

To make a complaint or request a city service, call the Citizen’s Service Bureau at 314.622.4800.

Or, make a complaint or request a city service online here.

Categories may include:

Animals and Pets

  • Animal bite
  • Dangerous animal
  • Dead animal in the right-of-way
  • Pet owner is not complying with animal laws
  • Resident has more than 4 pets
  • Pets in a food establishment
  • Prohibited animals on premise
  • Report stray cat(s)
  • Report stray dog(s) roaming at large
  • I have a stray dog contained for pick up
  • Unsanitary keeping of pets/feces in yard not picked up

Pests and Rodents

  • Bats reported in living area
  • Birds in food establishment
  • Dead animal in the right-of-way
  • Insects seen at food establishment
  • Report of mosquito breeding site
  • Request for mosquito spraying
  • Rat bite of a person
  • Rats inside building
  • Rats seen – exterior of property
  • Rats/mice seen at a food establishment
  • Roaches inside building