Vaccination and Registration

Every person who owns, keeps, or harbors any dog, puppy, cat, or kitten in or around their home, place of business, or other premises within the City is responsible for having that animal vaccinated against rabies and registered with the City. No dog or cat shall be permitted to remain within city limits without the required vaccination and registration.

Puppies and kittens must receive their first rabies vaccination and be registered between the ages of 3 and 4 months. New arrivals to the City have a grace period of 30 days in which to obtain their registration. Visitors to the City must be able to show evidence of their pets’ immunization covering the period of their visit, but need not obtain a City registration certificate unless the pet will be kept in the city for longer than 30 days.

Only rabies vaccinations administered by a licensed veterinarian will be considered valid. At the time of vaccination, the veterinarian will provide you with a City registration certificate. This certificate must be kept and presented for inspection upon the request of any City Animal Care and Control Officer or Police Officer. Your veterinarian will also provide you with a registration tag for your pet. This tag must be attached to the pet’s collar or harness and worn at all times. Certificates and tags only apply to the pet for which they were issues and are not transferable to other pets. If you lost your certificate, or your pet loses their tag, bring proof of your pet’s current rabies immunization to 1520 Market Street, Room 4051, and a new one will be issued at a cost of $1.00.

Due to the serious public health risk presented by the disease, rabies inoculation is the only vaccination required by City ordinance. However, other immunizations are available, and may be important in maintaining the health of your pet. The City’s Animal Care and Control division recommends you consult your veterinarian regarding the various ways to prevent disease in our furry friends.